Microphones & Pedals

Greuter Microphones and Pedals are handmade in Switzerland with high quality components.
Made to last.
Every part is carefully selected and personally matched and biased
to produce the best possible Sound.

This site is still under contruction. Please feel free to explore the upcoming Greuter Microphones and Pedals.

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Greuter Germanium OD

Based on the legendary Tone Bender,
from dynamic overdrive to crazy 60’s Fuzz tones,
cleans up nicely when you turn your guitar volume down,
touch sensitive, pushes upper mids and overtones,
cut’s very well in every mix.

Greuter SDM-1

It sounds warm and has a nice top end, without sounding dark.
An expensive sound for the small budget.

Coming soon


Ribbon Mic

Handmade and tuned Ribbon Microphones with a warm and very natural sound


Jumbo Fuzz

One of the fattest fuzz pedals around. From distortion to compressed insane fuzz tones.


Fuller Drive

FET driven overdrive to make you amp sound like a cranked British vintage amp.
If you’re playing in a small venue and you’re not able to crank up your amp,
this is the pedal to go.


Clean Boost

Very clean boost with lots of volume and headroom. Great to overdrive tube amps.



A great vintage and vocal sounding pedal with switchable buffer for using it with every pedal, even with germanium fuzzes.