Newsletter 11.12.23


Dear guitar pedal enthusiast

in 2023, there was a lot going on…

here is our first newsletter of the year.


Moonlight Si

With the idea of developing a silicon version of the Moonlight, we have created a heavyweight among FUZZ pedals.
“The best fuzz, you don’t need anything else” was a phrase often heard from our test guitarists, who helped us perfect this ultimate fuzz pedal. No one wanted to give up the prototype.

The Moonlight Si is more than just an ordinary silicon fuzz. Based on the requests of many guitarists, we have incorporated the following features:

FUZZ: More flexibility, ranging from almost clean to super fat; additional overtones shine through in the last 20% to full throttle.
TONE: A tone control to manage the highs.
BASS Input Switch: Tailored to stand out even more, with a wide range from super fat (left), round (right), to mid-emphasis (center).
BIAS: A wide selection of distortion characters, from velcro-like distortion (left stop), to smooth and dynamic (12 o’clock), to crumbling and gated (right stop).
VOLUME: Much more output – it gets loud! Ideal for heating up your preamp.

The foundational sound of the Moonlight Si is compared to the regular Moonlight (Germanium) or a classic Fuzz Face, generally more mid focused and cutting. As typical with Greuter Pedals, it responds sensitively and dynamically to your guitar playing and the volume of your guitar. Handcrafted in Switzerland with the finest ingredients.

The first limited edition series of 50 units in Hammered Silver is now available.

Unser Onlineshop und unsere Website wird gerade total überholt und wird in ein paar Tagen aufgeschaltet.

A few Demo Videos are already on our You Tube Chanel:

I always look forward to a message and

wish you a loud and creative Christmas season.

Sascha Greuter


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