The Greuter WAH is back

and is available now in hammered gold
for CHF330 order here

Moonlight Si

The Moonlight fuzz now with silicon transistors,
lots more Output, more Bias control and Tone.
First limited edition of 50 pedals
in Hammered Silver are now available
for CHF290 order here

Fuller Drive Demo by Simon Gotthelf

Greuter Pedals are handmade in Switzerland
with high quality components.
Every part is carefully selected, personally matched and biased
to produce the best possible Sound.


Greuter Pedals are ready to test in these shops:

Gitarren Total in Zürich, Schweiz

Antonello Guitars in Pieterlen, Schweiz

LeadMusic in Genève, Schweiz

MusikMüller in Bern, Schweiz

Saitensprung in Schaffhausen, Schweiz

Backstage Music in Winterthur, Schweiz

Guitar Store Manea in Ibach, Schweiz

Ark Guitars in Wetzikon, Schweiz

Musikhaus Luzern in Luzern, Schweiz

Mazzive Sound Productions in Belmont, Schweiz

Powerplay Studios in Maur, Schweiz

Effektboutique in Ostfildern, Deutschland

Loopersparadies in Saarbrücken, Deutschland

Musikshop Axelin Essen, Deutschland

BTM Guitars in Nürnberg, Deutschland

Resident Guitars in Frankenthal, Deutschland

Andertons Music in Guildford, UK

Scolopendra in Bologna, Italy

Private Room Guitars in Bangkok, Thailand

Gear Hero in Deerfield Beach FL, USA

Overland Express Guitars in Kirksville MO, USA

Tone Blue in Kobe, Japan

Deluxe Guitars in Melbourne, Australia

Your favourite guitar store doesn’t have Greuter Pedals – tell me about it.

Repairs and Modification

I do all kinds of repairs and modifications on microphones and guitar pedals. If have a broken pedal you want to be fixed, an effect which you want to pimp to your needs. Drop me an email or give me a call (+41 44 431 05 32) and we can discuss it.

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