2-Year Warranty

I’m happy to offer a 2-year warranty covering failures resulting from defective parts or faulty workmanship.
The length of the warranty is tracked by the serial number’s initial sale date and transfers automatically from owner to owner.
While under warranty, I will repair your pedal/microphone free of charge, excluding some shipping expenses.
Repairs falling outside of the warranty are no problem either, but may incur a bench fee.

Please contact me before shipping a pedal/microphone in for warranty repairs!
Its often possible to track down the source of a problem without sending it in. Once its been determined that your pedal definitely needs to be sent in I’ll give you instructions on doing so.

The owner of the pedal is responsible for both shipping to and from Zürich, Switzerland. I advise using a shipping service with tracking. I can’t repair a pedal that never makes it to me.

If you’ve purchased your pedal/microphone through one of the dealers/shops, not through the Greuter Audio Onlineshop, please contact your dealer/shop first.