Terms and Conditions

Attention, the order is binding.
If ordered in error, please notify immediately.
Otherwise, a processing fee of CHF 50.- will be charged.

The shipping costs will be calculated by me plus the articles published prices.

Payment Terms:
Delivery only Prepaid

Bank transfer to:

Greuter Audio
Sascha Greuter
Hausäcker 9
8048 Zurich

IBAN CH34 0900 0000 6144 5020 5
Postaccount 61-445020-5


Paypal and Credit Card
(You will be forwarded directly to the shop, if you select Paypal).

My Paypal address: contact@greuteraudio.ch

You will receive a personal e-mail from me,
with the invoice of the ordered items and shipping.


Each delivery is exclusively based under these terms and conditions. The customer agrees to these terms by clicking on the corresponding button on the Internet site.

When placing an order without prior confirmation of order, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to inform primarily on the sales and warranty terms.

Delivery dates, deadlines

My products are in stock usually
and after receipt of payment within about 5 (in Switzerland) working days to arrive at you.

In exceptional cases, the delivery may be delayed. I strive for a fast delivery service.
Delays in delivery do not entitle the principle to cancel an order.


Greuter Audio reserves the right to require a deposit. Should the goods by the customer not be adopted or the order will be canceled, the deposit will remain in possession of Greuter Audio.


An order from Greuter audio is generally considered binding.
Redemptions of the ordered goods are only in exceptional cases and in any case without prior consultation.

Import costs

Import costs and fees are in the responsibilty of the receiver of the goods. Check your countries custom fees before ordering. Usually it’s the VAT plus some handling fees.

For goods that are produced or ordered for specific customers and is not a normal stock, a return is excluded.

Delivery is at the risk of the purchaser.
Once the goods have been handed over by the seller properly train, post office, UPS or other carriers and freight forwarders, the risk passes to the buyer.
All goods are insured for transport by the seller.

In case of transport damage!

Please check the shipment upon receipt carefully!
The recipient of the shipment logs within 5 days with the damaged package in the nearest post office.
This created a damage report and initiates the next steps.
Please sign up thereafter with the signed damage report directly to me.

If the material in quality, execution or number does not correspond to the order, this must be reported within a period of 5 days after receipt of delivery. It is the responsibility of the customer to inspect the goods upon receipt and prior to use.


The cost of the work packages normally included in the price. If a special packaging required or it is necessary for the safe delivery of an article, the corresponding costs are billed.


Greuter Audio warrants its products for 2 years from the date of purchase warranty for manufacturing defects.
The customer has to be carried out no possibility of repair by a third party company at the expense of Greuter Audio.


Liability my company, in particular the liability for auxiliary persons or for consequential damages is excluded, unless it is otherwise prescribed by law or agreed in writing.
Greuter Audio is not responsible for loss of data, indirect costs such as travel expenses, postage costs, loss of earnings and any costs incurred due to the failure of the product or equipment.


All caused by the return / return costs are charged to the customer. Any return by post requires the prior consent of Greuter Audio. For this purpose the customer has to contact me.

Retention of title

Until full payment of the purchase price including all additional costs such as interest or shipping charges is the object of purchase and all its components and accessory a retention of title within the meaning of Art. 715 of the Civil Code.


Jurisdiction for all disputes arising from transactions with Greuter Audio is Zurich.

Greuter Audio, Sascha Greuter

Mistakes, misprint and price changes reserved.