I’m a passionate guitar player and a total sound nerd.

I remember when I was a little boy, about 5 years old. There was a car radio laying on the bench in my father garage. I was so curious what was inside that box. I took a screw driver and started taking it apart. There must be a little vinyl or something inside, i was imagining. It can’t be that there are little musicians playing live music and there is no Santa Claus anyway. When I had it open, I was facing a micro city made of tiny colorful blocks on green platform with lots of cables around. I ran to my father and shouted there’s no man inside but houses and streets and green fields. My father was looking at me with a big question mark on his face. Then he realized that I had parts of his brand new car radio in my hands. He explained to me that it was the electronics and it’s very dangerous to just play with it. It took him a few hours to get that car radio to work.
I was even more curious how this was all working and kept on doing my researches in electronic devices.

I always was the guy who had to fix the gear in my bands and for others too. I had no fear to open the box, find the broken parts and replace them.
Then I became the guy with endless guitar pedals plugged into my rig to produce my ultimate sound. I remember having to do a lot of step dancing on stage until I found or made my own pedal which sounded the way I wanted.

In 2001 I started working as a guitar tech and luthier in the best shop I know: Gitarren Total in Zürich. After years of fixing guitars I moved into to the sales department where I specialized on guitar pedals. I tested thousands of guitars, pedals and amplifiers. Always with the attempt to get the best possible sound. With all pedals I had tried, it was difficult to find the ones that had enough character but still were musical enough to use in all kinds of music styles.

Since recording music is a big passion of mine, I dug into the world of microphones and recording devices. When a great guitar sound comes out of the amp, that doesn’t mean it will sound good on the record. So I experimented with all kinds of techniques and equipment to get „the sound“. Since it is not always easy as a musician to afford the legendary gear to produce high quality results, I started to modify the cheap Chinese ones and to make my own microphones. These Microphones gave me surprisingly good results. That motivated me even more to go deep into Microphone building.
I still enjoy using these first prototypes for studio recordings.

Since then my microphones have developed: I build my own housings and I use selected components to achieve certain sounds.

My most important tools are my ears. If it does not sound good it’s not finished. Of course that’s also a matter of taste. But even if I don’t like the sound of a certain device it has to be at least musical and fun to play with.

It’s all about the music and performance.


Sascha Greuter