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Natural Selection overdrive

The new Greuter Natural Selection Overdrive is a natural and organic sounding overdrive pedal that retains and even amplifies your tone and the directness between guitar and amp.
It responds very dynamically to your playing and to the guitar volume settings.

With the Natural Selection, you can add musical overdrive to your favorite guitar sound without changing the tone. So you don’t have to turn up your amp loud to get beautiful overdriven tone.

With the fine-tuned 3-band tone control, it can be adjusted to virtually any set-up, this without coloring the original sound unsightly.
The tone control is ideal to:
– tighten the basses
– emphasize the singing mids
– give more weight to each note
– clear up a dull neck humbucker
– round out trebly bridge pickups
– stand out in the band mix

The character of the overdriven signal with its rich overtones results from a complex circuit with selected Jfet transistor through an opamp with two special arrangements of diodes.
S for Silicon: Asymmetrical diode composition for a natural and dynamic overdrive.
G for Germanium: Symmetrical arrangement of germanium and silicon diodes for more compression and fuzz-like overdrive.
For tone control, there are T treble control, M mid control and B bass control. The controllability of the frequency spectrum are specially designed for guitar.

The Natural Selection runs on 9V DC (center negative) only, as usual with all Greuter pedals and also many common guitar effect devices.
For a larger headroom, the voltage is doubled internally.

All this in the usual Greuter top quality with high quality components tuned to the sound.
Built by hand in Switzerland.